Fire water – multiple exposures

double exposure; fire & glass (1 of 1)I’ve been working hard at learning the vagaries of multiple exposures for about a month. My Nikon D7000 lets me take up to 3 exposures with a maximum 30second gap, which overlay each other in camera. As far as I can see, I have to estimate how the final picture will look, previsualize in short, as the camera does not allow a preview on the screen. So I have to wait til they’re on the computer to be sure. I’m finding it hard too to allow for how the light conditions will affect the results. I enjoy the (big) element of surprise when the final effect is more than I expected.

This is the most recent, taken last night. It’s approaching what I was expecting, I’m satisfied & I can also see ways I’d like to improve. Watch this space!


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